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Social Media Marketing

How Social Media Activity Impacts SEO

The key to website marketing success is search engine optimization, or SEO. Obviously, as a business owner, you want your website to be listed among the top search results when people search for something related to your products or services. While there are many ways to enhance the SEO of your website, it is important…

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7 Tips for a Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy

7 Tips for a solid social media marketing strategy

If you want to grow your brand with social media, it is going to take consistency, dedication, and expertise. More importantly, you need to have a solid social media marketing strategy in place before you do anything to ensure great results. Start with Your Business Goals in Mind You may be thinking about using social…

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3 Facebook Ad Bidding Tips

3 Facebook Ad Bidding Tips Think all you have to do to create successful Facebook ads is utilize a stand-out design and write killer copy? Think again… While the above is definitely going to help, it’s not going to do anything at all if you aren’t bidding properly. When done incorrectly, you could end up…

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